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This report consists of contents, developed as a capsule collection mockup with options, divided by core garments and finished with an additional appurtenance page. The whole report is not a final proposal and meant not to be used as a product proposal, but as a toolkit for developing personal projects, using our guidelines and our pre-made flats as a foundation for creative process. All contents belongs to Fashion-UP and no commercial use is allowed.


The image displays a suggested color palette for the 90s Nylon Jacket trend, featuring a spectrum of colors labeled Ivory, Olive, Cinnabar, Dark Cobalt, Pale Cobalt, and Coal. This palette encapsulates a range of classic and vibrant tones that are likely to inspire fashion designers in creating their collections.

Cargo pants, once pigeonholed as strictly utilitarian, have undergone a remarkable evolution, seamlessly transitioning into the wardrobes of the fashion-forward. Initially designed for military use, their practicality was undisputed, featuring robust fabrics and multiple pockets for functionality. However, the turn of the millennium witnessed a pivotal shift, as cargo pants began to shed their singular, practical identity, embracing a more versatile and aesthetic role in everyday fashion. This transformation was not overnight. It was fueled by a growing appreciation for comfort and utility in daily wear, spurred on by the rise of streetwear culture and the blurring lines between traditional fashion segments. This reinvention made them a staple not just for casual outings but also for smart casual settings, where they're paired with blazers and dress shoes for an effortlessly chic look. Their journey from the battlefield to the urban jungle, and into the hearts of fashion enthusiasts worldwide, reflects a broader trend towards versatile, functional clothing that doesn’t compromise on style. As they continue to adapt and evolve, cargo pants stand as a testament to the dynamic nature of fashion, where utility and aesthetics go hand in hand, catering to a wide array of tastes and occasions.