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This report consists of contents, developed as a capsule collection mockup with options, divided by core garments and finished with an additional appurtenance page. The whole report is not a final proposal and meant not to be used as a product proposal, but as a toolkit for developing personal projects, using our guidelines and our pre-made flats as a foundation for creative process. All contents belongs to Fashion-UP and no commercial use is allowed.


The image displays a suggested color palette for the 90s Nylon Jacket trend, featuring a spectrum of colors labeled Ivory, Olive, Cinnabar, Dark Cobalt, Pale Cobalt, and Coal. This palette encapsulates a range of classic and vibrant tones that are likely to inspire fashion designers in creating their collections.

The Mob Wife trend marks a bold return to the glamorous and assertive styles that epitomize the power-dressing era, yet with a modern twist. This trend draws inspiration from the high-drama, high-fashion looks synonymous with the wives of mob figures in popular culture, embodying a mix of luxury, strength, and an unapologetic assertion of personal style. Key elements include opulent fabrics like silk and velvet, structured tailoring, and a palette that favors deep, rich tones—think maroon, emerald green, and classic black. Statement accessories such as oversized sunglasses, bold gold jewelry, and stiletto heels are indispensable to achieving this commanding aesthetic. Each outfit tells a story of sophistication and danger, mirroring the dramatic lives of its muses. The Mob Wife style appeals to those who seek to channel a sense of authority and flair in their wardrobe choices. It's for the fashion-forward individual who isn’t afraid to stand out and assert their presence through powerful silhouettes and eye-catching details. As this trend continues to unfold, it captures the imagination of designers and style enthusiasts alike, offering a narrative of empowerment and high fashion intrigue that resonates across the runways and city streets.