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This report consists of contents, developed as a capsule collection mockup with options, divided by core garments and finished with an additional appurtenance page. The whole report is not a final proposal and meant not to be used as a product proposal, but as a toolkit for developing personal projects, using our guidelines and our pre-made flats as a foundation for creative process. All contents belongs to Fashion-UP and no commercial use is allowed.


The image displays a suggested color palette for the 90s Nylon Jacket trend, featuring a spectrum of colors labeled Ivory, Olive, Cinnabar, Dark Cobalt, Pale Cobalt, and Coal. This palette encapsulates a range of classic and vibrant tones that are likely to inspire fashion designers in creating their collections.

Trends often reflect the changing dynamics of society and culture. One such trend gaining traction is the "Office Siren" look, a bold fusion of conservative office attire with a hint of provocative allure. This emerging style is characterized by a strategic blend of traditional office wear, such as blazers, pencil skirts, and blouses, with subtly sensual elements like sheer fabrics, tailored cuts, and daring silhouettes. The Office Siren micro-trend is redefining professional fashion by pushing the boundaries of conventional workwear. It challenges the notion that professional attire must be strictly modest, instead embracing a confident and empowered femininity. Key pieces in this trend include fitted blazers paired with lace camisoles, high-waisted skirts with thigh-high slits, and button-down shirts with plunging necklines. Accessories play a crucial role, with statement belts, stilettos, and bold jewelry adding to the overall aesthetic. This trend not only highlights a shift in workplace fashion but also reflects a broader cultural movement towards embracing individuality and self-expression in professional settings. As more women seek to balance professionalism with personal style, the Office Siren look offers a compelling way to make a powerful and stylish statement in the workplace.