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This report consists of contents, developed as a capsule collection mockup with options, divided by core garments and finished with an additional appurtenance page. The whole report is not a final proposal and meant not to be used as a product proposal, but as a toolkit for developing personal projects, using our guidelines and our pre-made flats as a foundation for creative process. All contents belongs to Fashion-UP and no commercial use is allowed.


The image displays a suggested color palette for the 90s Nylon Jacket trend, featuring a spectrum of colors labeled Ivory, Olive, Cinnabar, Dark Cobalt, Pale Cobalt, and Coal. This palette encapsulates a range of classic and vibrant tones that are likely to inspire fashion designers in creating their collections.

The influence of workwear is unmistakable in today's clothing lines, where utility details are no longer just about practicality but also serve as a stylistic statement. This fusion represents a cultural shift, where the aesthetics of durability and functionality, characteristic of traditional workwear, are reimagined for a modern audience. Designers are increasingly drawing inspiration from the robust materials, multipurpose pockets, and resilient construction typical of workwear, incorporating these elements into garments that cater to the dynamic lifestyle of the modern consumer. This trend is not just a passing fad but a reflection of a deeper societal appreciation for versatility and durability in clothing. Today's fashion landscape is witnessing a remarkable blend of workwear's pragmatic roots with contemporary style, leading to innovative designs that are both practical and fashionable. The emphasis on sturdy fabrics, functional details, and comfort, once primarily the domain of labor-intensive professions, now finds resonance in everyday wardrobe choices. This shift underscores a growing consumer desire for clothing that bridges the gap between form and function, signaling a new era in fashion where utility is as significant as aesthetics.